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Chap Olympiad 2011 Misc : Chap Olympiad 2011
Rather a rainy day initially but didn't get remotely close to dampening people's spirit.
Chap Olympiad 2010 Misc : Chap Olympiad 2010
Chap Olympiad 2010 - Wonderful vintage event
Lacing Lilith Latex Couture Portrait : Lacing Lilith Latex Couture
A shoot we did a while ago. Lacing Lilith were going to edit these but thought I'd have a go. Inc models Sohui + Becky Burton + Roseanne Velin makeup
Sophia Portrait : Sophia
A mixed style shoot with my stunning friend Sophia
Samantha Stone - Hi-Key Portrait : Samantha Stone - Hi-Key
Some Hi-key like photos of Sam when she came over for a shoot in February.
Samantha Stone - Low-Key Portrait : Samantha Stone - Low-Key
A shoot for some B&W shots of Samantha stone. Hi-Key will follow shortly.
Empress Noire Portrait : Empress Noire
Shoot in a London dungeon for Empress Noire
Tiger's Tat Portrait : Tiger's Tat
A shoot for the great new custom designer - Tiger's Tat with wonderful Samantha Stone and of course stunning Tiger herself.
James Nardi Portrait : James Nardi
A quick shoot for some Press shots for DJ James Nardi
Secret Garden Party 2010 Festivals : Secret Garden Party 2010
Second visit to SGP and it had grown quite a bit! Issues with getting in but still a great festival if now a bit bigger.
Angeline's Birthday Portrait : Angeline's Birthday
Some photos at Angeline's for her Birthday before they set off to TG.
London Alternative Fashion Week - Am Statik Misc : London Alternative Fashion Week - Am Statik
London ALternative FAshion week day 3 but 2nd for me - this time for my friend Amy Statik. Caught out by the changing light conditions this time but still a great learning experience.
London Alternative Fashion Week - Lady Lucie Misc : London Alternative Fashion Week - Lady Lucie
Since the lovely Lady Lucie had a show at London AFW and I'd not covered a proper catwalk fashion show before I thought I'd give it a go.
Photophilia 4 Portrait : Photophilia 4
Yet another fantastic Photophilia - they keep getting better - thanks so much to DeeBee. Great models, designers, MUA, etc and a photographer here and there coming together for mutual benefit. ,Models: ,Hana ,Amy Day ,Anansie ,Mad Alan ,Sarah Jane ,Mam''zelle Maz ,Samantha Stone ,Jules Newman ,Scott ,Janette Slack ,Designers: ,Cat Alyst ,Am Statik ,Engineers of Desire ,Lacing Lilith ,Ghouliar's Peculiars ,MUA:Clare Stapelhurst
Hélène Atsüko in Lady Lucie Latex Portrait : Hélène Atsüko in Lady Lucie Latex
A shoot with the lovely Hélène who came down from Sheffield for a shoot! Now getting people coming to me! - ha.
Laura Portrait : Laura
Just a couple of shots from a shoot for Dragrstip Tattoo's
Photophilia 3 Portrait : Photophilia 3
An amazing experience - a load of models, designers, MUA's and photographers on a mass shoot for mutual Benefit. ,Models: ,Hana ,Sophie Rose ,Amy Day ,Anansie ,Angelica Thistel Klüft ,Mad Alan ,Samantha Stone ,Emily Grieve ,Noa ,Hannah ,Shorn ,Dee Bee ,Denison , ,MUA: ,Clare Stapelhurst ,DAshee , ,Wardrobe: ,Lady Lucie ,Little RUbber Cherry ,Lacing Lilith ,Ectomorph ,Amy Statik ,Ghoulia's Peculiar ,Bedlam Boudoir
Pinpoint / La Dolce Vita 2 Portrait : Pinpoint / La Dolce Vita 2
ANother shoot for the DJ's of La Dolce Vita, this time - Junior Schoeman + Quinton Van Dyk
Pinpoint / La Dolce Vita 1 Portrait : Pinpoint / La Dolce Vita 1
Shoot for PinPoint Productions / La Dolce Vita - Dean DeNielsen, Garth Hill + Dan Currie
N Wales Xmas 09 UK : N Wales Xmas 09
Just 3 photos on the drive home for Christmas 2009
Aisha wearing Lady Lucie Latex Portrait : Aisha wearing Lady Lucie Latex
A short shoot with friend Aiasha with thanks to Lady Lucie for borrowing some of her lovely latex ,www.ladylucie.com
Natsumi Scarlett Portrait : Natsumi Scarlett
A shoot that Natsumi and I have tried to do for a long time - finally did it! Thanks hun.
Her Website
Spain 09 Europe : Spain 09
A fortnight in Spain, specifically Aranjuez, Ocaña (Skydive madrid) and Madrid.
Pre Halloween TG 09 Portrait : Pre Halloween TG 09
Just some quick photos pre Halloween TG. Bit of a rush so only a few on here.
Photophilia 2 Portrait : Photophilia 2
A great collaboration between photographers, model, designers and makeup artist. Featuring clothing from Lady Lucie, Lacing Lilith and Engineers of desire.
Male Nude Portrait : Male Nude
Experimenting with the nude form. My main aim was B+W silhouette but tried some other things too.
Female Nude Portrait : Female Nude
Experimenting with the nude form. My main aim was B+W silhouette but tried some other things too.
Sweden 09 Europe : Sweden 09
A few photos from Sweden when going to Andreas + Elizabeth's wedding at Hovs Hallar
Glastonbury Fetival 2009 Festivals : Glastonbury Fetival 2009
Few highlights from the Glastonbury set taken for DJ Mag. Inc La Roux, Prodigy, Tusk Circus + more
Twist DJ's 2 Portrait : Twist DJ's 2
Second round of photos for the Twist DJ Agency. This time Brow, Steve Maynard and Tom Basquil.
Poker Set Macro : Poker Set
Playing around with a macro lens and two flashes with home-made snoots one rainy evening.
Twist DJ's 1 Portrait : Twist DJ's 1
First of 2 shoots for the Twist DJ Agency. Here featuring Jame Nardi, Glyn Waters and Paul Batten. Other half to follow soon.
Laura + Lou Portrait : Laura + Lou
A quick informal shoot when Laura + friends stopped over before Antichrist.
Low Light London Misc : Low Light London
Just starting a project - Low light london. A collection of images from various parts of London at different times. SO far Oval Gasometer and Lewisham Recycling plant.
Glamour to the Max shoot Portrait : Glamour to the Max shoot
A shoot for Rebecca / Glamour to the max, staring Charlotte + Janette - a makeup artist friend. My first time trying anything like this - both a non DJ based shoot and also this level of retouching. Still finding my feet somewhat but I thought worth putting up.
Buraka Som Sistema - Scala 09 Concerts : Buraka Som Sistema - Scala 09
Covered Buraka Som Sistema for DJmag. Was looking great initially then 10min before main band came on the pit suddenly filled with photographers to busting! Great Portugese band, also pictures of warm up band.
Riot! The End! Nightclubs : Riot! The End!
The end of an era! - "The End" club in London closing and so this was the last ever "Riot!" club there. Was privelaged to be there to document it.
Angeline Portrait : Angeline
Just a quiet Sunday in, he he. Tried some experiments with lights again some worked some didn't, but had a lovely time. It's great having so many diverse friends. Think Angeline always looks great - great tattoos and great eyes.
Mina Portrait : Mina
A few photos for Mina in the later winter sun. I'm not used to B&W much but that's what she wanted and it was great to try something different. We went for a light but also soft focus effect which suited the style of shots wanted.
Sasha Portrait : Sasha
A few photos with my friend Sasha (And what is commonly known as "that" dress)
Southbank Centre Burlesque by Chaz Royal Misc : Southbank Centre Burlesque by Chaz Royal
An evening of FREE Burlesque performances at the South Bank Centre. Great performances. I went down there specifically to see my friend Natsumi Scarlett Perform
Festivals of Sin Dec08 Nightclubs : Festivals of Sin Dec08
A great event in the Purple Turtle in Camden, with lots of sexy people - DJ's, bands, and the odd show here and there. More to follow in the future I'm sure.
N Wales Xmas 08 UK : N Wales Xmas 08
A few photos from Anglesey - which is joined to the mainland by the 2 bridges seen here.
Bex + Miss Mina Portrait : Bex + Miss Mina
A photoshoot with a couple of friends in Brixton before I had to move out.
Secret Garden Party 2008 Festivals : Secret Garden Party 2008
A few shots from Secret Garden Party - a lovely + whacky festival with lots of people dessing up.
Bangface Weekender 08 Nightclubs : Bangface Weekender 08
Crazy Crazy club and people! Covering the event for DJmag I wasn't sure what to expect - but had a great time. Crazy hardcore ravers who don't take themselves too seriously. Music highlights for me were the legend Phill Hartnoll and Altern8
Ibiza 08 Europe : Ibiza 08
A few photos from the Island while there on holiday and doing a spot of work for Above + Beyond.
Pre Summber Ball TG 2008 Portrait : Pre Summber Ball TG 2008
Photoshoot during dressing up and pre drinks at my place in Brixton.
Pre Halloween TG 2008 Portrait : Pre Halloween TG 2008
Photos at drinks Pre Halloween TG 2008. Working with my mobile/location studio setup for the first time - I was quite pleased given the tiny room I was using.
Ed Real Portrait : Ed Real
A quick photoshoot with Ed Real while I was still living in Brixton. Ed had covered lots of festivals recently and wanted to get a few shots of the wrist bands.
Glade Festival 2008 Festivals : Glade Festival 2008
4th year in succession for me. Again there covering the event for DJMag. Thankfully not the torrential rain and swamp of 2007.
Chap Olympics 08 Misc : Chap Olympics 08
Chap Olympics 2008 - Held in a secret location on Hampstead Heath.
Sharna Portrait : Sharna
Friend and great Pole Dancer.
Poppy Calender Project Portrait : Poppy Calender Project
A series of shoots for my friend Poppy through 2007 to 2008 for a present for her boyfriend Ed Real. Lucky man. You can only guess at the ones you're not allowed to see.
Jaytech Portrait : Jaytech
Photoshoot for a CD inlay + other uses for Jaytech.
Morocco Feb 05 Worldwide : Morocco Feb 05
A Two week holiday in Morocco visiting Marakesh, the Sahara, Cascades d'Ouzoud, Rabat and Essaouira. Was a great holiday and an excercise in NOT planning ahead - something that came quite difficult to me.
Technikal Portrait : Technikal
DJ + Producer Technikal
Edwin Van Cleef Portrait : Edwin Van Cleef
Edwin Van Cleef PR Photoset for Oblivion Records
South West Four 2007 Festivals : South West Four 2007
South West Four 2007 on Clapham Common Headlined by Paul Van Dyke
Faithless at Wembley 07 Concerts : Faithless at Wembley 07
Pre Valentines TG Portrait : Pre Valentines TG
Pre Drinks + photos at mine yet again.
Pre TG New Years Eve 07 Portrait : Pre TG New Years Eve 07
Pre TG drinks and photos at mine
The 4th Birthday Proactive : The 4th Birthday
Party Proactive's 4th Birthday featuring Proteus, DAVE the Drummer, Andy Farley, Pete Wardman, Ed Real, *Ting*, Dali + lots of other great DJs.
PreTG Halloween 07 Portrait : PreTG Halloween 07
Photos at mine before going to Halloween TG
VeryVery WrongIndeed VeryVeryWrongIndeed : 12/1/2007
A VeryVeryWrong Indeed Warehouse party At a secret location featuring Tim Sheridan.
Glade Festival 2007 Festivals : Glade Festival 2007
Glade Festival 2007 for DJMag. After years of sunny Glades a wet + muddy one. Inc UNKLE, Bangface, Hybrid, Sander Kleinenberg, Tom Real,Trentemoller
Cassia + DJ Keen Portrait : Cassia + DJ Keen
Photoshoot with DJ's Cassia + Keen
Alan 7thHeaven Portrait : Alan 7thHeaven
Alan Seventh Heaven Photoshoot
MDA + Spherical Portrait : MDA + Spherical
MDA + Spherical Photoshoot
Antiworld 070707 Festivals : Antiworld 070707
Antiworld Festival, great weather and music called short though.
Laura Portrait : Laura
Pre SG practice shoot with Laura
New York Dec 06 Worldwide : New York Dec 06
Long weekend in New York December 2006
Ilana Portrait : Ilana
Ilana Belsky photoshoot on location in Shoreditch
Ibiza Town 07 Europe : Ibiza Town 07
Some photos based around Ibiza Town while working there for DJMag
Vanessa Portrait : Vanessa
Studio Photoshoot with Vanessa
Malaysia + Singapore 06 Worldwide : Malaysia + Singapore 06
Travelling through Malaysia and Singapore in 2006
Misty Highbury Fields 3am UK : Misty Highbury Fields 3am
Misty Highbury Fields 3am after a long night out.
Glade 2005 Festivals : Glade 2005
Glade Festival 2005 - another HOT sunny one
Glastonbury Festival 2005 Festivals : Glastonbury Festival 2005
Glastonbury Festival 2005 the wet year
Party Proactive present Getcha Freak On! Proactive : Party Proactive present Getcha Freak On!
Proactive Party
Individual Macro : Individual

Individual photos
South West Four 2006 Festivals : South West Four 2006
South West Four 2006 on Clapham Common
Training Portrait : Training
Tjelvar training in Brockwell park
Zoe Photoshoot 2 Portrait : Zoe Photoshoot 2
Zoe pregnant 2 week before Florence's arrival
Zoe Photoshoot 1 Portrait : Zoe Photoshoot 1
Studio shoot with a pregnant Zoe
Single Images Misc : Single Images
Single Images

Gallery Updates