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Dafydd's interest in photography started properly with the purchase of a film SLR in 1999 after the theft of his point & shoot at Glastonbury Festival. Previously - he'd had a good eye for striking images but not much in the way of talent for classical art: drawing or painting. Coming from a scientific and technological background photography instantly struck a chord joining his technological side with that of artistic appreciation.

His interest in photography grew steadily over the years mainly concentrating in architecture and landscape photography moving on from colour film to colour transparencies - primarily Fujichrom Velvia. The interest, still at a hobby level, accelerating somewhat with the purchase of a digital compact in 2002. The ease of digital lent itself very well to photography in nightclubs - a very colourful and passionate environment Dafydd very much enjoyed at the time.

The definiative moment in his photography was in 2004 with the purchase of his first Digital SLR (Nikon D70). Being one of the first non-pro's to have such a camera in the London clubbing scene this made nighclubs, promoters and DJ's take note of his photography and it wasn't too long before they were commisioning him to cover their events and take PR shoots. This continued with regular commisions from Nightlife Magazines.

2008 should prove to be a great year for Dafydd with the purchase of his own studio lighting set and a move in his 'day job' to being the Lead/Senior Developer at a London based Image Library.


HarderFaster Awards 2009
Photographer of the Year
"Of course with his beautiful photosets and amazing skill there is no-one to touch our number 1 photographer."

HarderFaster Awards 2008
Photographer of the Year
"It seems there is no-one to touch him. Daf balances a fine combination of knowledge and talent behind the lens to win by a huge margin."

HarderFaster Awards 2007
Photographer of the Year
"Our premier official photographer takes the plaudits again this year by a country mile."

HarderFaster Awards 2006
Photographer of the Year
"Daf is well known for his outstanding pictures and knowledgeable contributions in our Photo forum and he well deserves this award. "